• MVTS are very professional, always complete the job on time, and are very affordable as well.


  • Awesome service, prompt and friendly - and didn't cost the earth!


  • A very professional company, which I've already recommended to several friends.


  • My car nightmare seemed to disappear as soon as I phoned them. The initial check of the problem was done straight away - quick and efficient. Very pleasant experience and done on time.


  • Having had a lot of bad luck with cars and/or mechanics I have been looking for a mechanic where i felt i wasn't been taken for a ride - and I think i've found it! Good communication and all done on time and on budget - plus bonus wine gums!"


  • Great operators. Very professional and no gobbledegook


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Vehicle check

Why get a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

  • Minimise your risk
  • Don’t jeopardise your safety
  • Don’t purchase someone else’s problem
  • Negotiate with fair, independent, credible information
  • We can spot what you can’t
  • Buying a vehicle is not something you do everyday and that you want to get right

How much will the Auckland wide onsite vehicle inspection cost?

                                                                                $150 inc GST.

As an added bonus, if you don't buy the vehicle, we'll discount a second pre-purchase to

                                                                                $130 inc GST.

(check for our current Special offer )

Book Online Now or call 0800 86 43 86

We carry out a thorough bumper to bumper visual inspection of the vehicle and use our knowladge along with specialist diagnostic equipment to provide you an independent assessment of the vehicles condition.

While we can't guarantee that you will never have a problem with a vehicle we've inspected with our industry knowladge we know what to look for.

What we can do is minimise your risk and identify those faults existing at the time of the inspection.

Please note - an MVTS inspection will not identify all mechanical faults.

Our inspection does not replace the need for regular vehicle maintenance. Mechanical components do wear out and items can fail unexpectedly without prior warning e.g. Cam belt, headlights, water pump.

Our inspection covers


Items checked (If fitted):
ABS Warning Light Electric Window - Passenger Side Rear Seat - Rear Passenger Side
Additional Seating Electric Window - Drivers Side Front Seat Belt Driver
Aftermarket Sport Gauges Electric Window - Drivers Side Rear Seat Belt Front Centre
Air conditioning Electric Windows Seat Belt Front Passenger
Brake Pedal Fan Seat Belt Rear Centre
Central Locking Front Door Lock - Passenger Side Seat Belt Rear Passenger
Centre Console Front Door Lock - Drivers Side Seat Belt Rear Drivers Side
Cigarette Lighter Glove Box Seat Covers
Dashboard Handbrake Seat Covers - Front
Door Ajar Warning Light Heater Seat Covers - Rear
Door Handle - Passenger Side Front Fuel Gauge Sound Equipment
Door Handle - Passenger Side Rear Horn SRS Warning Light
Door Handle - Drivers Side Front Ignition barrel Starter Inhibitor Switch
Door Handle - Drivers Side Rear Instrument Panel Lights Steering Wheel
Door Rubber - Passenger Side Front Interior Boot Release Trim
Door Rubber - Passenger Side Rear Interior Door/Filter Controls Trim (Doors)
Door Rubber - Drivers Side Front Interior Fuel Filler Release Washer
Door Rubber - Drivers Side Rear Interior lights
Door Rubber - Rear Lighter
Door Rubbers Map Reading Lights - Interior
Door Trim - Passenger Side Front Phone Kit Holes
Door Trim - Passenger Side Rear Phone Kit/Other Accessory
Door Trim - Drivers Side Front Seat - Driver
Door Trim - Drivers Side Rear Seat - Front
Door Trim - Rear Seat - Front Centre
Driver controls Seat - Front Passenger
Driver Gauges Seat - Rear
Electric Window - Passenger Side Front Seat - Rear Centre

Items checked (If fitted):
Bonnet Hub Cap - Passenger Side
Boot Lid Hub Cap - Passenger Side Rear
C Pillar - Passenger Side Hub Cap - Drivers Side
C Pillar - Drivers Side Hub Cap - Drivers Side Rear
Chassis Mounting points under car
Chassis - Passenger Side Near Side A Pillar
Chassis - Drivers Side Near Side B Pillar
D Pillar - Passenger Side Off Side A Pillar
D Pillar - Drivers Side Off Side B Pillar
Door - Passenger Side Quarter Panel - Passenger Side
Door - Passenger Side Quarter Panel - Drivers Side
Door - Drivers Side Rear Bumper
Door - Drivers Side Spolier/Body Kit
Door Handle - Passenger Side Turret
Door Handle - Passenger Side Window - Passenger Side
Door Handle - Drivers Side Window - Passenger Side Rear
Door Handle - Drivers Side Window - Drivers Side Front
Front Bumper Window - Drivers Side
Front Door Lock - Passenger Side Wiper - Blades
Front Door Lock - Drivers Side Wiper - Operation of Arms
Guard - Passenger Side Front Windscreen
Guard - Drivers Side Rear Window Glass


Items checked (If fitted):
Chassis Passenger Side Mounting points under car
Chassis Drivers Side


Items checked (If fitted):
ABS Brake Hoses
ABS Warning Light Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Booster Handbrake
Brake Fluid Security of components


Items checked (If fitted):
Accessories Belt Engine Seal - Front Main Manifold - Inlet
Emission Controls Engine Seal - Rear Main Oil
Engine Mount - Near Side External part of engine Oil Level
Engine Mount - Off Side Fan Serpentine Belt
Engine Mount - Other Front region of engine Turbo/Intercooler
Engine Mount - Rear Rocker Cover Gasket
Sump Turbo
Sump region Loose or Defective Drive Belt  


Items checked (If fitted):
Air conditioning Radiator Hose
Coolant Radiator Hose - By-Pass
Fan Radiator Hose - Heater
Heater Radiator Hose - Lower
Heater Core Radiator Hose - Upper
Heater Tap Thermostat Fan
Radiator Water Pump      


Items checked (If fitted):
Catalytic Converter Exhaust Pipe
Centre Exhaust Manifold - Exhaust
Exhaust Modified Exhaust System
Exhaust - Rear Muffler Box Rear
Exhaust Front Tail Pipe  


items checked (If fitted):
Battery High Tension Leads Tail Lights - Drivers Side
Battery Cables Instrument Panel Lights Terminals (Corrosion)
Battery Terminals Interior lights Indicator - Front Passenger Side
Brake Lights Map Reading Lights - Interior Indicator - Front Drivers Side
Fog Light - Passenger Side Number Plate Lights Indicator - Rear Passenger Side
Fog Light - Drivers Side Parking Lights - Operation Indicator - Rear Drivers Side
Fuel Gauge Sound Equipment
Headlights - Passenger Side SRS Warning Light
Headlights -Drivers Side Tail Lights - Passenger Side


Items checked (If fitted):
Ball Joint - Lower Steering column
Ball Joint - Upper Steering Wheel Free-Play
Bushes Sway Bar Bushes Front
Control Arm - Bushes Rear Sway Bar Bushes Rear
Control Arm - Rear Lower Sway Bars
Control Arm - Rear Upper Tie Rod End - Passenger Side
Front Control Arm - Lower Tie Rod End - Drivers Side
Front Control Arm - Upper Torsion Bar Front
Front Control Arm Bushes Tyre - Passenger Side Front
Independent Rear Suspension Arm Tyre - Passenger Side Rear
Pan-Hard Rod Bushes Tyre - Drivers Side Front
Power Steering Tyre - Drivers Side Rear
Power Steering Hoses Tyre - Spare
Power Steering Lines Vehicle Height
Power Steering Pump Wheel - Passenger Side Front
Rack & Pinion Wheel - Passenger Side Rear
Shackle Bushes Front Wheel - Drivers Side Front
Shackle Bushes Rear Wheel - Drivers Side Rear
Shocks - Front Wheel - Spare
Shocks - Rear Wheel Bearings - Front
Steering Wheel Bearings - Rear
Steering Box


Items checked (If fitted):
Automatic Transmission Hydraulic Clutch
Centre Bearing Manual Transmission
Clutch Oil
Clutch Cable Oil Level
Clutch Fluid Starter Inhibitor Switch
Clutch Master Cylinder Tail Shaft
Clutch Operation Transfer Case
Clutch Pedal Transmission
Clutch Slave Cylinder Transmission - Fluid
CV Joint - Front Inner Near Side Transmission - Mounts
CV Joint - Front Inner Off Side Transmission - Seal
CV Joint - Front Outer Near Side Transmission - Select Gears
CV Joint - Front Outer Off Side Transmission Hose
Differential - Rear Wheel Drive Universal Joint - Front
Driveline Universal Joint - Rear


What our inspection doesn't cover:

Exterior we do pull off covers which may hide any defects

Interior we check the that interior componants are working but we cant check seat memory's etc work

Drive line  we do not dismantle mechanical components on a standard inspection therefore we are unable to check internal drive line components of things like the (transmissions, wheel bearings diffs etc...) for levels of wear or damage.

Engine to really inspect and provide a comprehensive assessment of all of the internal engine components (pistons, crankshaft, and bearings) the complete engine would require dismantling...this is cost prohibitive.

Cooling system we do not remove the radiator for an internal inspection or remove radiator hoses and check internal components of the cooling system therefore some defects may be un able to be detected.

Suspension & steering we do not dismantle any of the vehicles suspension components which means that some internal faults may be undetected.

Brakes we focus on vehicle safety it is our highest priorty however during a standard inspection we do not remove the wheels or brake drums this means in some cases we will be unable to assess the amount of brake lining wear.

Wheels & tyres we check all tyres for wear and condition

Test drive sometimes due to heavy traffic conditions we are not always able to carry an appropriate road test - this will always be explained on your report.

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